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A folder for files relating to outputs from ALTER-Net (reports, papers, etc.)
Publication list 2009-2011
A list of publications from 2009 to 2011 which are the result of collaboration between at least two ALTER-Net partners
ALTER-Net Phase 1 final report (2004 - 2009)
The final report of Phase 1 of ALTER-Net (EU FP6 funded phase) [Parr, T., et al., 2009] - ALTER-Net years 1 to 5
ALTER-Net Annual Report 2009-2010
The first annual report of ALTER-Net Phase II (post FP6 funding) [NINA Report 569. Van Dijk, J. et al., 2010] - ALTER-Net's 6th year
ALTER-Net Annual Report 2010-2011
Second annual report of ALTER-Net Phase II [NINA Report 685, Van Dijk, J. et al, 2011] - ALTER-Net's 7th year
ALTER-Net Annual Report 2011-2012
Third annual report of ALTER-Net Phase II [NINA Report 815, Van Dijk, J. et al., 2012] - ALTER-Net's 8th year
Connecting Science and Policy - The ALTER-Net Approach: Integrated Policy Relevant Research for Achieving the 2010 Biodiversity Target
The brochure was produced during the first (EC-funded phase) of ALTER-Net. Editors: Aysegul Cil and Lawrence Jones-Walters
State of the art for LTER and „LTER like” sites
A report from Phase 1 of ALTER-Net. Authors: Angheluta Vadineanu, Sabina Datcu, Mihai Adamescu, Cazacu Constantin. Report number: 1.I3.D1b
Research issues & needs from LTER networks
A report from Phase 1 of ALTER-Net. Author: Eric Framstad. Report number: 1.I3.D5a
Policy and Research Requirements for LTER Facilities in Europe
A report from Phase 1 of ALTER-Net. Author: E. Framstad, NINA. Report number: 1.I3.D2b
ALTER-Net: a European knowledge hub for biodiversity
Full-colour, A4, 10 page brochure, 'ALTER-Net: a European knowledge hub for biodiversity'. Produced by ECNC and the ALTER-Net Management Board.
Science underpinning the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy
Summarized recommendations from ALTER-Net, EC DG Environment conference, Ghent, 15-18.4.2013. As presented by Eeva Furman at the EPBRS meeting, Dublin, 15-16 May 2013.
Slides on EU-Target 1 (ALTER-Net conference recommendations)
Slides presented by Maurice Hoffmann at the EPBRS meeting, Dublin, May 2013
Manual for applying Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping – experiences from ALTER-Net
An output from Phase 1 of ALTER-Net. Authors: Kirsten G.Q. Isak, Martin Wildenberg, Mihai Adamescu, Flemming Skov, Geert De Blust and Riku Varjopuro. Report number: 4.R6.D2
Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping in ALTER-Net
A report from Phase 1 of ALTER-Net. Authors: Flemming Skov and Kirsten Isak. Report number: 4.R4.D3b
Landscapes of the West Polesie
Publication by the University of Life Sciences, Lublin describing the work and findings of subproject P1 of the ALTER-Net Environmental History project. Authors: Tadeusz J. Chmielewski, Szymon Chmielewski, Agnieszka Kułak, Malwina Michalik-ŚnieŜek, Weronika Maślanko
Back to the Future: drivers of long-term vegetation change in major habitats across Europe
Report by JHI describing the work and results of subproject P3 of the ALTER-Net Environmental History Project. Authors: Louise Ross, Alison Hester, Andy Sier, Per Arild Aarrestad, Audrey Alignier, Andrea Britton, James Bullock, Jan Dick, François Gillet, Zdenka Hroudova, Róbert Kanka, Tommy Lennartsson, Bruno Petriccione, Petr Petřik, Wolfgang Schmidt, Simon Smart, Tomas Staszewski and Erich Tasser

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