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Environment Agency Austria / Umweltbundesamt (EAA)


As Austria´s largest expert organisation for the environment and one of Europe´s leading environmental consultants, Environment Agency Austria (EAA) is committed to transforming the economy and society in order to ensure sustainable living conditions. With over 500 experts from 55 disciplines, EAA seeks to develop an interdisciplinary and cross-cutting knowledge base for decision making on the local, regional, European and international level. They works transparently and independently and engage in dialog with stakeholders in politics, public administration, business, science and civil society.

Environment Agency Austria – perspectives for the environment and society

Our natural environment is strongly affected by social and economic developments. EAA responds to these interactions by aligning our activities with a strategic orientation that is focused on the following goals:

Securing natural capital for society

  • Restoration and preventive conservation of species, habitats and ecosystems and of their functionality

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly use of environmental resources

Low Carbon Society

  • Reducing greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions to tackle climate change

  • Increasing energy efficiency

  • Increasing the share of renewable energy in energy production/consumption

Cleaner production

  • Reducing environmental pressures by reducing emissions

  • Optimising waste management and supporting the implementation of a sustainable circular economy

Transformation of the economy and society

  • Transition to resource efficient, low carbon and socially inclusive economic systems

  • Reducing the adverse effects of climate change on environmental resources, ecosystems, the economy and society by preventing/managing climate risks

  • Sustainable consumption & lifestyles

  • Expansion of cities into surrounding areas (rural areas)

  • Good governance and sustainable development

  • Risk identification and basic principles for minimising the risks from pollutants affecting human health and the environment


Recent Publications:

  • Anderl M., Gangl M., Haider S., et al: Austria's Annual Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2017. Wien, 2019. Read More...
  • Kammerlander M., Omann I., Titz M., et al: Which national policy Instruments can reduce Consumption-based Greenhouse Gas Emissions? Wien, 2018. Read More...


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