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Research Centre in Systems Ecology and Sustainability, University of Bucharest (UNIBUC)


At the University of Bucharest, the  Research Centre in Systems Ecology and Sustainability (RCSES) was established since 1999 through the Department of Systems Ecology and Sustainability. Our Research centre was accredited by the National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education as Centre of Excellence in 2001, and reaccredited in 2006.

Our extensive research experience was gained in: i) dynamics of composition and structural configuration of ecosystems and landscapes under pressure of human and climatic drivers; ii) understanding and quantification of ecological processes; iii) identification and quantification of key ecosystem and landscape functions and services; iv) social analysis and valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services; v) material and energy flow analysis in the nested socio-ecological systems; and vi) environmental policies analysis and scientific support for their implementation.

RCSES coordinates the national platform for transdisciplinary research of local and regional socio-ecological systems and contributes to large-scale and long-term research (e.g. LTER Europe, ILTER, LifeWatch Europe). RCSES  promotes, improves and implements through its' research activities the theoretical background and operational concepts and tools provided by the transdisciplinary science of Systems Ecology and Sustainability.

The research expertise covers three major fields: (i) biological ecology (population/species/modules, dynamic structure and functions), (ii) ecosystem ecology (ecological processes: energy flow, biogeochemical cycles, information flows) and (iii) systems ecology and sustainability (e.g. nested socio-ecological systems in large watersheds and the dynamic relationships among biophysical structure of Natural Capital social, agricultural and industrial metabolism).

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