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AHIA 2017-2018 - Project Outputs

The completed outcome for AHIA project "Cultural Ecosystem Services: An empirical approach across European landscapes and beyond" has been released.
AHIA 2017-2018 - Project Outputs

Who is involved?


The project output of the 2017-2018 ALTER-Net High Impact Action is now completed and available.

Entitled "Cultural Ecosystem Services: An empirical approach across European landscapes and beyond", the 2017-2018 AHIA project was coordinated under the leadership of Irstea. This high-impact work is aimed at the interface of science domains, contributing to innovative approaches to more efficiently tackle old paradigms. The use of geo-crowded data provides a more holistic vision to the sense of place and peoples' perceptions of different sites.

Experiments were conducted at 16 separate sites throughout Europe. Research was coordinated in collaboration between 17 institutes--including 10 ALTER-Net member institutes.

Follow the links below to learn more about this exciting research!

Project output pre-print: Multi-scale socio-ecological networks in the age of information

Interactive web application: Within the framework of this project, a visualization application was conceived to provide stakeholders with a tool based on the analysis. This tool is oriented towards Flickr users who participated actively (inputs via survey) or passively in the experiment “to give their data back” through the app; thus, the app then has the potential to serve as a future platform to share experiences from the photos and the visual content.

Data repository: Multi-scale socio-ecological interactions

Technical blog post: "My first interactive map with Shiny"

Flyer: Cultural Ecosystem Services: An Empirical Approach across European Landscapes and Beyond