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ALTER-Net High Impact Actions

An initiative aimed at encouraging ALTER-Net partners to collaborate on high impact research publications

A still from the AHIA 2014-15 Citizen Science video

The ALTER-Net High Impact Actions (AHIA) initiative is aimed at scientists working at or affiliated with an ALTER-Net institute in order to deliver a high impact paper on hot topics related to biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystems services.  The purpose is to bring together existing knowledge from different partner institutes (not excluding non-members of Alter-Net) and create a high impact paper and additional deliverables.

Calls for proposals are made once or twice a year, inviting staff at ALTER-Net partner institutes to submit proposals for small projects that are expected to result in the submission of a paper in a high impact journal. The proposals must involve partners working together. Although aimed principally at ALTER-Net members, non-members may also be included in proposals, though the lead organisation must be a member of ALTER-Net.


AHIA news

  • AHIA project completion & output: Monitoring and Evaluation for Ecosystem Management
    How could policy-driven monitoring and evaluation be improved to better support adaptive ecosystem management? The Monitoring and Evaluation for Ecosystem Management (MEEM) study, a 2017-2018 ALTER-Net high impact action project, investigated this key question. Read more...
  • The project output of the 2017-2018 ALTER-Net High Impact Action is now completed and available
    Entitled "Cultural Ecosystem Services: An empirical approach across European landscapes and beyond", this project was coordinated under the leadership of Irstea. Research was coordinated in collaboration between 17 European institutes--including 10 ALTER-Net member institutes. Read more...
  • First AHIA project complete
    The project, Public participation in science and policy: development of a science-society interface in relation to biodiversity and ecosystem services, was led by ESSRG. The results are a paper in Conservation Biology and a video. Read more...


AHIA projects

CallActivity periodProjectLead partnerStatusAdditional informationOutputs
4 2018-19 Land-sparing vs. land-sharing for functional green infrastructure that sustains biodiversity and ecosystem services? – European landscape approach initiatives provide regionally adapted solutions. SLU Preparatory Stage Open call for ALTER-Net researchers
3 2017-18 Monitoring and Evaluation for Ecosystem Management (MEEM) JHI Complete

Featured ALTER-NET partners representing ten countries across Europe.


Waylen, K.A., Blackstock, K.L., van Hulst, F.; Damian, C.; Horváth, F.; Johnson, R.;Kanka, R.; Külvik, M.; Macleod, C.; Meissner, K.; Oprina-Pavelescu, M.; Pino, J.; Primmer, E.; Rîșnoveanu, G.; Šatalová, B.; Silander, J.; Špulerová, J.; Suškevičs, M.; Van Uytvanck, J., 2018. Policy-driven Monitoring and Evaluation: Priorities for enabling adaptive management of socio-ecological systems. A briefing resulting from the Alter-Net High Impact Activity (AHIA) ‘Monitoring forEcosystem Management - MEEM’. The James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen.

Project Output: Briefing


Further Information

3 2017-18 Cultural Ecosystem Services: an Empirical Approach across European Landscapes and Beyond Irstea Complete Involves a range of ALTER-Net and non-ALTER-Net partners

Paper: Lenormand M, Luque S, Langemeyer J, Tenerelli P, Zulian G, Aalders I, Chivulescu S, Clemente P, Dick J, van Dijk J, van Eupen M, Giuca R, Kopperoinen L, Lellei-Kovacs E, Leone M, Lieskovsky J, Schirpke U, Smith A, Tappeiner U & Woods H (2018) Multiscale socio-ecological networks in the age of information. arXiv preprintarXiv:1805.00734.

MS submitted.

Project output pre-print
Interactive web application
Data repository
Technical blog post

2 2016-17 Marrying One Health with EcoHealth: Inclusive Nature-Based Solutions and Action Research Directions SYKE On-going Involves a range of ALTER-Net and non-ALTER-Net partners
1 2015-16 Public participation in science and policy: development of a science-society interface in relation to biodiversity and ecosystem services ESSRG Complete The project yielded a paper in Conservation Biology and a video

Paper: Bela, G., et al. (2016), Learning and the transformative potential of citizen science. Conservation Biology, 30: 990–999. doi:10.1111/cobi.12762

Video: The role of citizen science in biodiversity research


1: 2014  |   2: 2015  |  3: 2016  |  4: 2017


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