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Current EKLIPSE initiatives and opportunities

The EKLIPSE project has several ongoing initiatives and funding opportunities that could be of interest.


EKLIPSE Call for requests and cross-fertilization of requests

Our 3rd Call for Requests (CfR.3/2018, April 2018) has already resulted in five requests. These are currently going through the dynamic phase of cross-fertilisation where we invite requesters and other parties to discuss potential partnerships on a request, contribute to the framing of a request, and/or potentially merge two or more requests into a more strategic EU policy-relevant question. Click on a link below to join the discussion in our KNOCK forum.

Please note that new requests can still be submitted during the cross-fertilisation phase, until the deadline of 12th August 2018.

The requests undergoing the cross-fertilisation process:

  • Up to date information on the current and future state of unrenewable energy impact on various environments around the globe
  • How do we use the research to date in order to inform our landscape design, construction and management?
  • Can we determine, from synthesis of existing research and practice, whether it is possible to establish an agreed universal method of assigning an ecosystem services valuation to biodiversity and/or ecological networks? If so, can we then devise an approach that can be applied within an ecosystem services analysis methodology.
  • Testing the toxicity of Plant Protection Products (PPP) on pollinators: are honey bees (Apis mellifera spp.) a useful indicator (proxy) for pollinators in general?
  • To determine the kind of and how to cultivate hedgerows most beneficial to indigenous pollinator populations


You can join the discussion through the EKLIPSE KNOCK forum.


Event: 'CEEweb Academy: Europe’s biodiversity beyond 2020 - Tackling the challenges to achieve targets'

EKLIPSE is supporting the organisation of the CEEweb Academy, in collaboration with Eurosite, aiming to bring together scientists and policy makers, authorities and NGOs in order to bridge the gap between resilience thinking and adaptive environmental management of protected areas. The event aims at improving the understanding of climate change, its perceptible and foreseeable impacts and the role nature based solutions can play in mitigating them. The event’s programme focuses on crucial ingredients for a more efficient implementation of EU nature policy:

  • EU level networking to exchange knowledge and examples of good practice;
  • Preserving crop-wild-relatives as an important resource for the future of EU and global agriculture;
  • Increasing active involvement of the wider population into Natura 2000 management and (private) land conservation;
  • Nature-based solutions that wetlands can offer to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change.


Please find the draft programme here and ensure your participation by pre-registering to the event, by the 21st of August. If you are a member of either CEEweb for Biodiversity or Eurosite, or if your organisation has signed a friendship agreement with Eurosite (the Migratory Birds for People network and SER Europe), please contact Eurosite at for a discount code.


2nd EKLIPSE CALL for the organisation of Capacity Building events – deadline August 15th 2018

Do you have an idea for a seminar, short course or other kind of training event? EKLIPSE is inviting representatives of networks, organisations, projects and other entities to submit proposals to develop capacity building events relevant to the Science-Policy-Society interface, regarding biodiversity, ecosystem services, and related challenges. EKLIPSE seeks to be responsive to community development needs across the European Union by supporting multi-national events that add value to science, policy and society.

We encourage community training providers to submit a proposal to EKLIPSE to receive support regarding the organisation, expertise and/or facilitation necessary for a successful event. Please submit your Capacity Building Event Proposal by accessing the open calls and application forms at

EKLIPSE questionnaire for individuals from Science, Policy and Society

In EKLIPSE we aim to create a light, transparent, and self-sustaining mechanism to support evidence-based policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services in the EU, through Science-Policy-Society interface.

To achieve this more effectively, we would like to build on our community’s experiences and interpretations of Science-Policy-Society interface regarding biodiversity and ecosystem services in the EU and internationally, as well as their opinion on how can we strengthen this interface and make it more effective. As a first step we carried out a survey and interviews last year. This questionnaire is a follow up of our previous research to better understand some issues touched upon in the first round. Your anonymous participation is valuable to reach results that will assist in strengthening Science-Policy-Society interface in EU.


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