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Institute of Landscape Ecology, Slovak Academy of Sciences (ILE-SAS)


The Institute of Landscape Ecology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences is an interdisciplinary scientific institution for basic and applied research in landscape ecology. It is the continuer of the Institute of Landscape Biology of SAS which as the firsts one in the former Czechoslovakia started to deal with the problems of landscape ecology in the period when this discipline was not established. At present the main research tasks of the institute are:

  • analyses, syntheses and  interpretations of abiotic, biotic and  socio-economic landscape elements for landscape-ecological planning
  • ecological landscape problems, influence of anthropogenous  factors on landscape, ecological optimalization and landscape utilization and  methodology of  ecological carrying capacity
  • ecological problems of agricultural landscape, territorial system of ecological stability, preservation of biodiversity and geoecodiversity
  • territorial system of stress factors, structure of the present landscape structure created by Man
  • biodiversity and  production ecology of forest ecosystems, mainly in stress conditions caused by pollution, climatic changes and tourism
  • management of protected areas endangered by negative interferences.

The methodology of landscape-ecological planning LANDEP, which is included also in the Agenda 21 from the Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 as the suggested methodology for integrated approach to management of natural resources (Chapter 10 in Agenda 21), was elaborated at the Institute of Landscape Ecology.

The Institute is the publisher of two journals:

  • Ekológia (Bratislava) is a scientific journal published in English and followed in Current Contents - Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Sciences.  Its impact factor (value of quoting) has an increasing tendency
  • Životné prostredie is a revue published in Slovak with English abstracts.


The Institute of Landscape Ecology has an important place within the frame of international cooperation. It takes part in many international projects in cooperation with  Austria, Poland, Denmark, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Great Britain, Vietnam,  Norway, USA within the framework of the projects of European Commission, UNESCO-MAB,  UNCED, PHARE and 5th 6th 7th Framework Programme. It takes part in transboundary research projects, e.g. the areas along the rivers Danube, March and Ipeľ.

Since 1967 the Institute organizes international symposia on ecological landscape problems every three years. At the sixth symposium in Piešťany in 1982 the International Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE) and in 1992 from the initiative of the Institute also the Slovak Ecological Society (SEKOS) has been founded.

The Institute makes an effort also in educational process. Its scientists teach at universities, they are supervisors; they lead post-gradual courses, international summer courses. The Institute is the common workplace with the Constantine the Philosophus University in Nitra. The Institute currently has a staff of 24 scientists, 9 docstudents, 15 technicians (June 2011).

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